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Manshu Guesthouse

Add:277 Tianzhu Road

Tel:0571-8798 7277


The owner named the guesthouse after the famous poet Su Manshu. It lies in a valley in the west side of Hangzhou where there is a dozen of temples, including noted Tianzhu Faxi Temple and Tianzhu Fajing Temple.

Since the guesthouse is surrounded by temples and features upscale décor, it allures many middle-class pilgrims. From the first day to the fifth day of every lunar month, which is considered an ideal time to worship Buddha, Manshu is always full of worshippers, therefore booking beforehand is necessary if you put up for the night in these days.

Rooms are separated into two varieties―the balconied ones where you can have a panorama of a huge tea garden, and the others with a yard where children could play around.

Price: 380-580 yuan

Special service: free wifi and bus card

Dining: free breakfast

How to get there: take BUS Y4 to Tian Zhu Station and continue to walk forward for 150 meters.