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Ruo Yin

Add:105 Manjuelong

Tel:0571-8779 9481



Manjuelong in southwest side of West Lake is famous for its 7000 thriving osmanthus trees. During the blooming time, tourists flock there to appreciate the fragrant osmanthus flower.

Ruo Yin is just situated in the sea of osmanthus. Its white appearance and high foundation make it look like a castle and stands out from the green vegetation.

The owner put sunshades and chairs in the front yard, where guests could sip tea over breathing the fresh air. Plants are dotted every corner and a small pond is set in the yard with fish swimming to and fro.

People speak highly of Ruo Yin for its four-star level quality and comparatively low price. The thoughtful staff would keep breakfast for every guest no matter how late he or she gets up and serve free soups according to seasons.

Price: 288-688 yuan

Dining: free breakfast

Special service: free wifi, sending breakfast to room, free bicycle renting, free parking lot

How to get there: take BUS Y3 to Shuiledong Station