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West Lake Youth Hostel

Add:62-3 Nanshan Road

Tel:0571-8702 7027


If you want to live near West Lake, then this guesthouse would be a good choice―it is located on the elegant Nanshan Road and backs onto Yuhuang Hill. In front of the youth hostel is the Chang Bridge and Leifeng Pagoda. Just walking for a few steps along the promenade you can reach the West Lake.

Opening the hedge gate, you will meet a yard featuring traditional Chinese style setting. Bonsais, a stone mill and a stone mortar, a swing and trees make the yard tranquil and relaxing.

The lobby is combined with a bar, where people could dine, drink, play billiards and surf the internet. At weekends, parties will be organized and guests could make friends with each other.

Price: 210-220 yuan

Dining: serves Italian food with an average charge of 25 yuan each person.

Special service: free wifi and laundry

How to get there: take BUS Y2/Y3/Y4/Y6/Y9/31/51/504/808/822 to Chang Bridge.