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Ferry Inn

Add:No. 45 Baileqiao

Tel:0571-8806 0468


The word ferry in Buddhism literally means that people embark on boats to leave the world of sufferings through attaining enlightenment.

Lingyin Ferry Inn is shaded by vegetation on a narrow footpath alongside Lingyin Road.

Owner Gu Lin built it as a family inn with simple and plain European-style decor. Gu says she regards the inn as her home and wants guests to feel at home too.

To help create a relaxed atmosphere, Gu invites guests to share fruit and dine with her and employees if they want.

And before going to bed, she rustles up soup and desserts for guests, in order, says Gu, to help them go to sleep in a sunny mood.

The front yard is eye-catching and homey too. The owner asked a landscape designer to help her arrange the plants and the yard is now full of blooms all year round.

Special service: free wifi. During March, April, October and November, BBQ parties will be held in the yard.

How to get there: take BUS NO.7/807/Y1/Y2 to the Linying Temple Station.