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Country Stroll Inn

Add:No. 289 Baileqiao

Tel:0571-8696 8921


Opening the wooden gate and entering the yard, guests may feel as if they have stepped into a pastoral painting. Plants, sunshades and garden furniture are in perfect order creating a perfect spot on sunny days for taking a leisurely tea or coffee.

The lobby is also full of natural elements. A stylish decoration made from bamboo partitions the public and hand washing areas, and dried flowers adorn the ceiling.

The inn has 15 rooms in different styles. Some are painted green like the countryside, while others have pink paint work and floral curtains.

During the peak season, usually from April to July, guests must book ahead.

Price: 139-239 yuan

Dining: without breakfast

Special service: free wifi

How to get there: take BUS 7/807/Y1/Y2/Y4, and then get off at Linying Temple Station.