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Zhongshan Park

Add:780 Changning Rd

Time:5am to 9pm


In central Changning District, the century-old park offers a great escape from the city and bustling crowds with a large collection of trees and flowers.

Take a stroll in the park and you will pass many ancient trees such as metasequoia, plane trees and yellow sandalwood as well as beautiful flowers like purple wisteria, red plum flowers and pink-white sakura blossoms.

The park has a large lawn where people can set up tents, have picnics or just sit down to enjoy the sunshine during the day. Boats are also available for rent, where you can ply the serene waters of the small lake.

The park is a favorite hangout for local residents, with young couples taking their babies in prams for a walk and old people practicing tai chi, kung fu, singing and dancing.

Although the park is very busy on weekends, it is much more tranquil  in the evening and worth a visit.