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Add:999 Huaihai Rd M.


Time:11am- 11pm



Fax:021-5466 1698

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


In Italian, ‘gaia’ means happy and joyful, and with that, this upscale restaurant guarantees to impress the savviest diners by offering a delightful experience whether it’d be lunch, tea, drinks, dinner in a glamorous, casual and fun atmosphere. Gaia2 will serve Gaia style Italian contemporary classics, using Italian Spit fire rotisserie, eco friendly stone baked pizza oven, handmade pasta with organic wheat, earthy fresh and organic ingredients, and a fabulous selection of boutique Italian wines. Gaia:2 is to continuously wow guests with its overall dining experience, will set a new standard in glamour and puts the restaurant in the heart of Shanghai’s culinary map.