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Add:2/F, 555 Xizang Rd M


Time:11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30-10pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre

The restaurant probably serves the best tempura in Shanghai, crispy and flavorful, yet light and fluffy. Inagiku’s chef says the distinctive taste is because they deep fry the vegetables in an oil made from Nagano white sesame.

A traditional pressing and filtering method is known as tamashibori to make the oil.

The teppanyaki and sashimi creations are worth trying since premium ingredients are sourced globally, especially Wagyu beef from Australia and various fish from Ehime, Japan.

The lunch bento box is also recommended. It features fresh salmon, sweet shrimp and scallops. A good selection of sake and tea complements the food.

Inagiku is a historical restaurant brand that began as a small tempura house in Hamamachi in 1866. It gained worldwide fame after its opened at Waldorf Astoria New York in 1973, its first restaurant outside Japan.

Its Shanghai branch features classic Japanese minimalism with separate sushi and teppanyaki bars. Diners can watch chefs in action.

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