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Memorial hall of Wu Changshuo

Add:15 Lujiazui Rd E., Pudong

Tel:021-5878 7252



Amid the high-rises of Lujiazui, this 1,600-square-meter structure of gray and red brick used to be the residence of wealthy merchant Chen Guichun.

Known as Yinchun Villa, it was completed in 1922 and combines Western and Chinese architecture and decor. The roof is covered by traditional-style Chinese tiles, while the ornamental molding below is Western.

Inside, all the wooden beams, windows and doors bear elaborate carvings featuring traditional birds, flowers and other elements.

Today the building is the memorial hall of Wu Changshuo (1844-1927), a prominent painter, calligrapher and seal carver.

Most visitors focus on the collection of Wu’s works, but the architecture itself is fascinating. Carvings on the beams tell the story of the classic novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.”

Admission: 10 yuan