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River Mall at Expo Axis

Add:1368 Shibo Ave


The former main entrance to the World Expo site reopened as River Mall, a four-story shopping and entertainment center. It even has a mini-train to take people around the top floor.

Jump on the mini-train at the open air platform at the two ends of the Expo Axis. Enjoy the views of the skyline and green plants.

River Mall features the usual mix of shops, restaurants and cinemas. But it stands out from the crowd with its rooftop garden, a man-made waterfall, black swans and even peacocks.

The development has also incorporated the former Expo site’s musical fountain, which now serves as a water screen theater where movies are shown nightly. The Expo’s former Sunny Valley has been transformed into a 5,000-square-meter movie screen.

River Mall is only a short walk from China Art Museum, formerly the China Pavilion, Mercedes-Benz Arena and the Huangpu River.