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Jing Chafang (Respect Teahouse)

Add:52 Dongxiatang Street, Jiading District

Tel:021-5992 2277


This typical Anhui-style teahouse in suburban Jiading District feature whites walls and a black roof, bringing customers back in time.

It provides not only good-quality tea but also a lifestyle with respect to tea.

The owner has been a tea lover for more than 20 years.

Back in the 1990s, good tea was available in teahouses, but the atmosphere usually wasn’t very good. Conversely, if you found a teahouse with a good environment, chances were the tea wasn’t good.

The owner then decided to open a teahouse in which the tea, service and atmosphere matched his high standards.

Jing Chafang is spacious at 600 square meters. It has an area for regular customers and a function room for tea-related art exhibitions.

The teahouse also has a straightforward pricing system compared with competitors.

It charges for the space and the retail price of whichever tea is ordered. Most teahouses charge a package fee, which is often referred to as the “teahouse price.”

Having a tea specialist prepare the tea costs extra although customers have the option to make it themselves.

Unused tea leaves can be kept at the teahouse and used on a future visit.