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Qiuping Teahouse

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It is the first teahouse in China that serves special dishes that contain tea as supplementary ingredients.

It boasts more than 100 delicate and unique dishes which perfectly complement the tea. The most well-known courses include red-braised meat cooked with Qimen Black tea, shrimp fried with Oolong, and tsodoe cooked with Pu’er.

The tea leaves all help reduce the greasiness and fishy smell of the major ingredients while adding pleasant tea aroma.

Located on Xiangyang Road S., the teahouse provides visitors with vintage surroundings mixed with a feeling of Jiangnan (region south of the Yangtze River).

Each dish is well-cooked and every waiter is willing to introduce the recipes and ingredients of the dishes.

The teahouse offers seasoning made from tea, which can eliminate the unwanted smell of fish and meat.

Liu Qiuping, founder of the teahouse, endeavors to preserve traditional tea culture and create new ways of cooking.

The teahouse has been rated as one of the best 100 teahouses in China by China Tea Association for many years and is also renowned overseas. The special dishes are regarded as “the 9th cuisine in China.”