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Shanghai Beer Factory

Add:Shanghai Indoor Stadium, 1111 Caoxi Rd N.

Tel:021-3356 5005

Time:Mon-Fri, 4pm-12am; Sat-Sun, 2pm-12am


SBF features a great variety of imported beers, from pale to dark, from 4-percent to 12-percent alcohol content, from fruit-flavored to hop-filled. Each beer is servered in an original glass. All of these guarantee fans will enjoy the same taste as those in Europe. SBF Beer No.9 was its star product. Its taste is well-balanced with a tinge of sweetness hidden in its bitter surroundings and fragrance. For the ladies, No.11 is highly recommended. The freshness of Elderflower is the reason for tis distinct fragrance. This beer was first invented by a Belgium noble lady. SBF self-brewed beer were allowed to ferment naturally for four to six weeks, leaving residues of the yeast in the body, naturally forming a thick layer of foam. The foam may gradually disappear, but a good beer will leave its traces. A good beer leaves behind a ring of foam on the glass. This is known as the "Brussels Ring" or "Belgium Ring"