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Pudi Boutique Hotel

Add:99 Yandang Rd.

Tel:021-5101 6060




It is an art deco hotel hidden in a tranquil lane in the former French concession area. Fuxing Park and Xintiandi, the entertainment and nightlife destination, are within easy walking distance. Three of its 52 rooms are allowed for two pets at most, either dog or cat. Reservations are highly recommended at least two days before you check in. Pets in all sizes are welcome as long as you can keep them well-behaved, but small and medium-sized ones are preferred. Paper documents or certificates are required upon check-in. While you sleep on the bed, your pets can take a cozy nap on the carpet or cushions alongside.

The hotel does not provide any pet food or facilities, so customers have to prepare all care products, sleeping pads and food. Pets are not allowed in public areas inside the hotel but customers can walk their pets outside. All three pet-friendly rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized after the last stay. The hotel charges an additional cleaning fee of 345 yuan for each pet for a single night stay per room.