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Kitchen Duzzle

Add:Rm 110, 1/F, 245 Madang Rd



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English Service Available


Kitchen Duzzle is the combination of hotpot, seafood sashimi, irori and Australian beef. Menu after the name, is also dazzling, all the side dish options are lined up at entrance, French Gerardo oysters, Nagasaki horse mackerel, Canada sweet shrimps, and highly recommended Maitake mushrooms, with season’s topic. Master Chef YOU:“ONLY with in-season food material, makes the perfect taste.”

Signature dish “Luxury Seafood Irori Set” is cooked with most selected material by most nature way to present the origin taste of the food. Marseille seafood stew inherited from tomato fish soup in Marseille style, dressed with blue mussel from Norway, sword squid from Taiwan, clam from Dalian, together with mushroom, onion. Easy lunch set could be curry and beef broth. The Japanese style makes 12-hour-cook beef and vegetable smooth and tasting. Further more, No one could find a trace after a sip of peach/black currant low-alcohol drink.