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Albero Spanish Restaurant by Grand Kempinski Hotel, Shanghai

Add:2/F, Grand Kempinski Hotel,1288 Lujiazui Ring Rd



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Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai’s Albero Spanish restaurant opens its door and infuses Lujiazui area with exceptional tapas as new dining choice. “Albero” is the name of a type of sedimentary rock found in Spain. The interior of the restaurant is decorated in authentic Andalusian style with traditional ceramic tiles, classic wall coverings and mellow lighting which together provide you with a true Spanish tapas dining experience. The small starry lights on the ceiling, reminiscent of the night sky will dazzle diners as they enjoy their meals, ensuring a treat for both their eyes and palates.

Immerses in romantic and charming Spanish melodies, guest can sample renowned traditional Spanish Tapas. From iberico ham, rich Spanish soups, seafood, and cheeses, each dish will tantalize the taste buds and leave one asking for more. No one would miss out on the chef’s signature croquetas. Try the original spinach flavor, the delectable chicken and foie gras flavor or the tasty sausage and ham. Don’t be fooled by their small appearance, their crispy skin melt in the mouth filling packs quite a savoury punch.

“The wonderful ambiance offered by a room fully furnished with Spanish wall coverings and decorations, plus the tremendous feeling of dining under a ceiling filled with stars cannot be described in words,” says Patrick Martinez, General Manager of Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai. “Albero welcomes anyone who enjoys Spanish cuisine, romance and passion to sample the food it offers and have a great time with friends.”