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Hefang Pottery Class

Add:71 Dajing Alley, near Hefang Street

Tel:0571- 8533 5595

Time:Wed-Sun, 9:30am-4:30pm

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Hefang Pottery Class is located close to the hot scenic spot Hefang Street. The pottery studio is concealed in a quiet attic of a back-and-white traditional house. There was a small signboard on the street which shows the exact location of the pottery studio to passers-by.
Ma Xijun is one of the owners of Hefang Pottery Class. In 2011, he opened the pottery studio in cooperation with a friend who also operated the Hefang International Hostel.  

“It is a platform where young people can touch the profound Chinese traditional culture and slow down the pace of busy life,” Ma said.

The studio goes around Hangzhou with word of mouth. In weekends, the studio is always packed with consumers.