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Diffuse Village Inn

Add:248 Manjuelong Rd

Tel: 0571-8819 1248

Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


Diffuse Village Inn is hidden in the famous tee tasting and osmanthus viewing spot Manjuelong and allures guests by virtue of its tranquil environment and relaxing ambience.

The boss Zhang Mingxing designed the inn into a cabin, of which the first floor is carved into a pottery making studio, a restaurant and a bar while the second story is a guesthouse. Since Zhang was graduated form China Academy of Art, he integrated artistic elements into every corner of the house, especially graffiti painted everywhere.

Although the scale of the pottery studio is small, necessary tools and electrical kiln are equipped for using. Art works made by former customers are exhibited on the walls. If consumers want to make an exquisite pottery, the boss and his fellows readily offer professional instruction for free. 

If people are tired of making pottery, they can fill tummy in the restaurant or enjoy beer over watching the World Cup in the bar. In addition, it accommodates guests with neat and cosy rooms for a night’s lodging.