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Gaia 2 Ristorante & Bar

Add:6/F, Iapm Mall, 999 Huaihai Rd M.



Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


This restaurant boasts a distinctive view of Huaihai Road, embracing both modern skyscrapers and former French concession Art Deco architecture and plane trees. The dining concept is a modern interpretation of authentic Italian cuisine.

The signature appetizer garden salad looks like a flower pot that has fallen over, with colorful greens and vegetables — including small, juicy Italian tomatoes — spilling out of the pot. Adding a touch of authenticity, a small spade is placed on the plate together with some edible “soil” — a crunchy powder with chocolate notes used by diners to mix with sauces.

The cuoppo napoletano deep-fried seafood is a must-try, served in a paper cup together with garlic sauce injected into a toothpaste tube.

Also recommended is the tiramisu, presented in a beautiful glass so that you can see its layers of textures, from moist and soft to light and airy.

The drinks menu features molecular cocktails and Gaja Club — bourbon-based with touch of mint and orange — is recommended for diners seeking something with a bit of a kick. A more mellow option is their rose sangria, Italian white wine pinot grigio shaken with peach and apple.