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Metropole Hotel

Add:180 Jiangxi Rd M.

Tel:021-6321 3030


The intersection of Jiangxi and Fuzhou roads has four grand colonial buildings. To the northeast and southeast are two identical Art Deco structures: Metropole Hotel and the former Hamilton House. Both designed by Palmer & Turner, the imposing twin buildings reflected the financial optimism of the time. The real estate mogul and hotelier Sir Victor Sassoon built the Metropole Hotel with interior fittings that still exude 1930s style. The hotel has 141 guest rooms and suites, with great views of the Bund area. Facing the Metropole is its twin, Hamilton House, today's Fuzhou Building, which Sassoon built in 1934 as a hybrid office building and apartment house. The French brasserie and bar Hamilton House takes its name from the building. In tune with the exterior, the restaurant brought Art Deco back into the restored interior, with stylistic touches such as marble mosaic floor. The average price to dine is 250-350 yuan per person.

"The 137 rooms Metropole Hotel first opened in 1930. Even among the unique European architecture of that time the hotel was one of the most distinctive buildings of the day. This is partly due to its baroque semi-round tower and other delightful architectural features found in that time period, but also because of its spectacular position in the heart of Shanghai's downtown area. The downtown Shanghai hotel neighbors the Bund on the east, the historic Yu Garden on the south, People's Square on the west, and Nanjing Road pedestrian shopping street on the north. It is a truly unbeatable location for leisure and business guests going to Shanghai. Now, more than 70 years later, the Shanghai Metropole Hotel blends its unique style and cultural heritage of a previous era with the modern conveniences available today. The hotel's first class accommodations combine delicious food, fine leisure and entertainment facilities and a commitment to service. The commitment to service reflects a long-held tradition that has created a good reputation in Shanghai hospitality."


"The Hotel offers the following recreational options- -Majiang Room -American bar -Beauty Salon"

"From HongQiao Airport to the hotel: East - Please can take taxi going along the Yanan Viaduct, reach the Bund, go along the FuZhou Road. From Pudong Intl Airport to the hotel: West"