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Anting Villa

Add:46 Anting Rd

Tel:021- 6433 1188


"The 4-star Anting Villa Hotel opened in January 2001. The Anting Villa has 144 rooms styled in Spanish baroque and French design. It is situated close to the elegant and magnificent array of buildings on Hengshan Road. Under the city's star light, Anting Villa Hotel is a wonderful haven that provides guests with peace and tranquility among a raucous metropolis. The towering cedar and lusty green lawn momentarily remove you from the bustling city so you may enjoy some serenity. A natural garden, kaleidoscopic scenery and fresh air create a spectacular Villa scenery."


"Under construction"

"From the SHA airport to the property: East - Drive on Yanan Elevated Road and take the Jiangsu Exit. Turn off at Wulumoqi Road. Turn right to Yongjia Road. From the PVG airport to the property: West - Drive on the Outer Ring Road. Pass Lupu Bridge on the North-South Elevated Road. Take the Xujiahui Road Exit. Turn left onto Yueyang Road, then turn right onto Yongjia Road. "