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Bridge 8

Add:8 Jianguo Rd M., near Sinan Rd.

Tel:1378 8960 379*6655


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Bridge 8 is a new fashionable landmark in Shanghai. It is one of the best-known creative industry centers in Shanghai that attracts various creative industries such as costume design, architectural design, film and TV production and art galleries.
The building used to belong to the Shanghai Car Brake Factory, with a floor area of over 10,000 square meters. The center’s architecture is very special, making it a great place to experience two different eras at one time – the industrial era and the modern.
New elements have been injected into these old buildings to create an innovative architectural style. Among the features are the bridges that connect the buildings with each other. Its unique atmosphere has made Bridge 8 a favorite venue for international fashion brands to launch new products, shoot commercials or hold the most fashionable parties.
Today, in addition to creative studios, there are also coffee shops, French and Japanese restaurants, beauty salons, art galleries and household stores situated in the compound.