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Minghang Hotel

Add:202 Lanping Rd

Tel:021-6430 8121


Credit Cards Accepted
English Service Available


The 138 room Min Hang hotel has a long and prolific forty years history and is ideally located in the Minhang District. Over the past forty years, the hotel has hosted many dignitaries, including legendary chinese statesmen Mao Zedong and Zhou En-Lai. The geographical position does not only provide great access to many major corporations making their home in Minhang, it is also nearby the elevated highway which provides quick access to many areas (including the city center only 30 minutes away). The Minhang hotel has a very strong local reputation for high quality in both accommodations and dining. Between the two restaurants a wide variety of food is offered.

The Minhang Hotel offers the following recreational options- -Sauna -Massage

Taxis are available. Taxis................Pudong International airport 60 km CNY 140 Taxis................Hongqiao Airport 30 km CNY 60 Taxis................Subway 10 km CNY 30