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Un: parsage

Add:77-1 Fenyang Rd.

Tel:021-5465 0063


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You may miss it when walking past because it’s like a “hidden secret”in the street. But once you step inside Un: parsage, you’ll be amazed by the vintage lifestyle tone of this warm little furniture store. In here, everything old is new. Un: parsage offers quintessential vintage furniture from periods ranging from 1930s to 1980s, hand-picked by the Taiwanese owner and his partners during their visits to Europe. If you believe “mid-century modern” is code for “Danish teak,” the dining set from the 1960s to the right of the store counter is a must-see. Dig deeper and you’ll find the original “GN2 Chair” designed by Peter Ghyczy, and the Germany train seats from 1930s, so rare that you’ll never see a second one in any other vintage store in Shanghai.