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The green "trend" no longer simply concerns environmentally-friendly packaging as it evolves into a new approach to doing business, and is adopted by more retail concept stores.

NuoMi specializes in innovative handcrafted designs using natural materials and recently joined the "green" shopping scene. Browsers will be delighted with its range of feminine dresses, all in natural fabrics, natural dye bamboo shawls, biodegradable and eco-friendly socks and bath towels, as well as accessories made with vintage, re-used and recycled materials.

It also carries the Brown Rice casual clothing line inspired by Chinese culture and modern lifestyle, made by local designers from materials sourced in China. The products are crafted within their own facilities or outsourced to small community producers to encourage local businesses and economies.

According to founder and creative director Lin Wen, Brown Rice is committed to helping improve the livelihood and well-being of its employees, suppliers and community. The company has been financially supporting an orphanage in Kaifeng, Henan Province for three years, a commitment which includes providing health care staff, medicine, treatment, clothing and tuition.

They also volunteer with the Baobei Foundation by helping to fund surgeries, administrative work and foster care of orphaned babies. The unique fashion and home accessories on display in the store are designed and hand-crafted from reused paper by previously unemployed women in the Philippines.

Lin said the company's involvement in the work program is to provide design and marketing know-how to enhance the livelihood of a group of underprivileged women with children in the Philippines.