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The Old Times

Add:211 Fumin Rd, near Changle Rd

Tel:021-5404 5188

Time:11am - 7pm(close on Weds)

Credit Cards Accepted


Entering this small antique shop is like stepping back into a house in Shanghai in the 1930s, like back to the old times. It stocks vintage occidental furniture and items such as old radios, sewing machines, chairs and dining settings, all collected by its owner Nicole from many old houses in Shanghai and each with its own story. Partitioned by delicate, colored screens and featuring lots of glassware, the antique shop, of about 15 square meters, evokes memories of old Shanghai and is sure to interest the many Art Deco enthusiasts who look high and low to find furniture and accessories from the Shanghai period. Nicole's favorite piece is a 100-year-old music box which can still play wonderful melodies. But it's not just this music box that works. The items displayed are ornamental and functional and will bring great pleasure to a new owner.