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Home of Zhou Xinfang

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The three-story Portuguese-style villa on 788 Changle Road is the former residence of Zhou Xinfang (1895-1975) who is recognized as one of China's greatest masters of Peking Opera. Concealed behind high trees, access to the 700-square-meter villa is restricted by locked iron gates. Zhou came from a very famous Peking Opera family and started to learn the opera at age six, going on to make his stage debut a year later. After each performance, he was known to return to the house to retire and get up early the following morning to do his voice exercises. Zhou was revered as a symbol of the Shanghai-style of drama art and was first president of the Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe which was established in 1955. He has once performed with Mei Lanfang, one of the most renowned Peking Opera stars in Chinese history. Mei often visited Zhou at this house, and the two exchange views on different performances and styles.