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Chinese Hand-printed Blue Batik

Add:No. 24, Lane 637 Changle Rd

Tel:021-5403 7947, 5404 8708



A quiet garden down the very depths of a small lane off the unhurried, quiet Changle Road is where products in the famous blue batik fabric can be bought. A smiling, middle-aged woman emerging into the yard of an old villa in a blue batik dress is the clue that you have arrived at the right place. Blue batik has long been a popular hand-woven and hand-printed fabric among Chinese people. It ranks in recognition with the blue-glazed porcelain of the Song Dynasty (420-479 AD), featuring durable blue and white colors. The shop features a range of handmade products including garments, arts and crafts, and tourist souvenirs in pure cotton and natural dyes. Next to the shop's showroom is Shanghai's Hand-printed Blue Batik Museum which records the slow but steady revival of Chinese traditional craftsmanship. The impressive collection includes a display of dying tools, wooden printing blocks and wax paper cutouts. The owner of the museum is an old Japanese woman, Kubomasa, who founded it in 1990. It is the first private museum opened by a foreigner in Shanghai.