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Xin Wang Restaurant

Add:175 Changle Rd., near Ruijingyi Rd.

Tel:021-6360 5008


Credit Cards Accepted


Always hanging out at bars late at night and longing to find something nice to eat? Try Xin Wang Restaurant which opens almost all night and features great Cantonese food with a decent price to seal the deal and please customers. The menus are in Chinese, but have many photos so the selection process is easy. The dishes and snacks are all good, and you can choose either Chinese or Western food as you like. Rice, noodles and congee form the base of most dishes, after which it's strictly variation on a theme. Don't forget to try the "hit" item Pineapple Butter Bun (5 yuan), the Hong Kong-style milk tea (hot: 11 yuan, cold: 13 yuan) and 12 different kinds of congees whose prices range from 6-128 yuan. And also make sure that you don