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Agora Space

Add:panyu road 1199, building 1, unit 402

Tel:0 (21) 6054 8081

Time:Monday to Friday, 9 a.m to 6 p.m




Looking for professional office to launch your start up? Need a meeting room for serious customers? Tired of working from a noisy coffee shop? Well we were there too. This is why we have opened an office where people like us can work, share ideas and support each other. For 1260 RMB per month you can get the following services: √ unlimited internet - 100Mbit/s fiber √ free meeting room √ chinese assistant on demand √ chairs - very comfortable. Tested for 3300 hours per year. √ desks - no cheap IKEA table. We build custom design and flexible workstation. √ printer √ your own storage space √ FREE coffee. Free and unlimited, good European coffee. LaVazza and Segafredo. √ leisure stuff- massage chair, bean bag sofa, xbox 360 √ private garden, a lot of grass and space to walk around. We are software engineers, designers, creatives, entrepreneurs. Mix of foreign and local people. We talk, hang out together, brainstorm and look for mutual opportunities. Some of us work as freelancers, some have their employees.


I had been worked here more than 4 months. Agora is pretty good for coworking. Thanks for your help. I will leave in one month, Thanks idealshanghai helps me to find Agora Space. If someone wanna start up a company, you can contact with Agora Space. and call a girl named Li Zhen. She will help you! Bey Agora, Bye Shanghai.


I found some wildcats in the garden. Agora Space should do some protection for members, but they don't. It's a disappointment. I hope Agora will accept this suggestion. On the whole, I should say yes! Cheap enough, good service, members are get along with each other.