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Miao Ti Hu

Add:108 Dadou RD


Time:中餐:11.10-13.00 晚餐:17.10-19.30


Lying on the food street Dadou Road and also right at the square of Xiangji Temple, Miao Ti Hu vegetarian restaurant features an antique-look in accordance with the decor of the temple.

The location contributes to its large supply of customers, some of whom are visitors to the temple.

It charges only 20 yuan per person while providing 20 kinds of foods and beverages. For an additional 5 yuan, one can enjoy hotpot.

As a Buddhist vegetarian restaurant, it also plays videos of Buddhist speeches in the hall, and makes “pure vegetarian foods” without egg, milk, garlic or scallion.

The operation is like a college canteen. One takes chopsticks and plates after dropping payment into a box (people can also take change from the box), then picks the food and drink. After the meal, one should take all plates and cups to a cleaning lady.