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Vegetarian Flourishing Restaurant

Add:5/F,Zhongdu Department Store,87-1 Qingchhun Rd


Time:中午11:30-14:00 晚上17:30-21:00

Credit Cards Accepted


It’s hard to taste all 100-plus foods here at one meal. From fried dishes and soups to cakes and desserts, delicacies here get rid of the stereotype that vegetarian foods are simple.

The restaurant run by a Taiwanese team enriches its buffet with 25 kinds of home-made desserts that include macaroon, tiramisu, mocha cake, and tea jelly made from Taiwan Oolong tea, as well as a Taiwan-style black fungus juice. “We serve vegans and also non-vegans who like healthy lifestyle,” the manager, Pan Renqing, says.


Some sauteed dishes and noodles taste like meat dishes. While Taiwanese cooks here do not deliberately make tofu or vegetables look like meat, the taste is able to meet demands of vegans or non-vegans.

The toppings of the dandan noodles, for instance, include mushroom, bamboo and fungus.

Each is fried separately to make sure each ingredient’s flavor is fully released.

The restaurant also serves hotpot, with light soup containing vegetables and Chinese herbs. The restaurant does not use garlic or scallion, and foods with milk and egg are labeled. Its recommended dishes include tea jelly, souffle, almond tea.