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Su Man Xiang

Add:67 Jianguo Rd S.

Tel:1533 6558 838



It's the cheapest buffet in town; 19 yuan (US$3) per person. The meal offers more than 20 different kinds of fresh vegetarian food, beverages and fruits.

Su Man Xiang is run by a Buddhist couple who provide pure vegetarian food with no garlic, scallion or egg. There is no cashier, as customers pay on their own under an honor system.

For those who have no money and are at hunger, we will let them in for free,” says Hu Xiaoyun, who owns the restaurant with her husband.

It is located in a residential community and draws lots of senior residents living nearby.

A peaceful, generous environment is a big attraction here. The TV shows videos about traditional Chinese merits, and the restaurant sends out free books, CDs, and DVDs to promote traditional Chinese culture.

“I benefited from Buddhism culture and vegetarian cuisine, and I want to spread it to more people,” says Hu.

All the food is homemade. The recommended are turnip cake, dumplings, and sweet-sour potatoes. Turnip cake is tender but not oily; dumplings are made with vegetables; and sweet-sour potatoes taste very similar to pork.

Besides daily business, Su Man Xiang holds many volunteer events, such as sending food to local seniors. Impressed by their charitable act, many volunteers will come to the restaurant to help or give away their vegetables and fruits.

It's highly recommend that people arrive early. Otherwise they are quite likely to wait a while for a table.