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Feng Bo Zhuang

Add:No. 5 Bldg, Commercial Street, Binwen Higher Education Park, alongside Laji Street



Watch out for flying kicks, Feng Bo Zhuang has a kung fu theme. Get in the mood as classic kung fu movies and TV series are shown throughout the day.

In another playful touch, the owners mock the decor of ancient Chinese restaurants with their choice of a bamboo rooftop and walls, rough wooden tables and seats. Paintings depict kung fu masters showing off their skills.

Servers are clad in costumes that resemble the clothes worn by servants in ancient times. They also speak to diners using professional kung fu terms that further embody the theme.

As for the food, they serve pungent dishes from Anhui Province. Recommended eats include jiaohua chicken, a juicy roasted chicken baked with various seasonings, steamed meatballs stuffed with salted duck egg, and crispy tofu.