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A Belgian chocolate shop founded in 1926, Godiva has been long known for its excellence in chocolates and truffles. Just like lady Godiva, whom the chocolate shop was named after, Godiva is a legendary brand with the philosophy that their chocolates are "created to win the hearts of all those to taste them". At Xintiandi, Godiva is not only a place to buy some belgian truffles, it is also a classy dessert place offering a full range of chocolate-related products from chocolate fondue to cooling soft serve. 

Average price: ¥85


Summer Specials from Godiva

With the temperature soaring with the arrival of spring summer, it's time to run along the shore in a summer breeze! Sitting with the flung spray and blown spume, to enjoy the delight of GODIVA 2014 Summer Spring Collection: Chocolate Soft Serve, White Chocolate Matcha Chocolixir, Cup Ice Cream Collection, Chocolate Exotiques Collection, Dessert Truffle and Summer Truffle Chocolate Collection.

Sweet Spring Summer Surprises!

This summer, GODIVA treats will also send summer breeze to your loved ones! GODIVA is going to surprises customers with the Spring Summer 2014 Digital Program- “Summer With Love Movie Generator”! Stay Tune with GODIVA for a Sweet Spring Summer 2014!  

GODIVA Chocolate Soft Serve Available in 16 China Stores!

GODIVA Chocolate Soft Serve
RMB 45

First launched this year, GODIVA Chocolate Soft Serve excites all chocolate and dessert lovers with its melt-in-your-mouth smoothness and softness in the greatest quality. Icy creamy chocolate soft serve swirling on the top sprinkled with rich and smooth chocolate sauce, the GODIVA Chocolate Soft Serve in no doubt sends summer breeze in this hot weather. Crispy cone dusted with crunchy chocolate biscuits, creating an irresistible indulgence. While this smooth and velvety soft serve melts in your mouth, the deliciously complex aroma lingers.

Launch Date: 1 April 2014

GODIVA White Chocolate Matcha Chocolixir

RMB 45

GODIVA is adding the limited Matcha flavors to the original Chocolixir flavors: Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Dark Mint Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Decadence and Milk Chocolate Decadence for Spring Summer 2014Topped with a vanilla cream and Japanese Matcha powder, the perfect combination of bitter taste and white chocolate delivers a smooth and sweet texture. Experience the revitalizing effect of the refreshing and velvety chocolixir melts in your mouth, the deliciously complex aroma lingers. You can almost feel the icy feeling penetrate through your body for every sip you take. This fresh green is sending you summer breeze in this hot weather.

Launch Date: 15 April 2014

GODIVA Cup Ice Cream delightful Cool Treat Stays

GODIVA Cup Ice Cream Collection

RMB 45

Renowned Belgian Chocolatier GODIVA has always been giving numerous chocolate surprises to all chocoholics, composing a number of sweet days and nights for you. GODIVA cordially presents Ice Cream Collection that brings the sincerest blessings and warmth to everyone. This summer GODIVA brings you Ice Cream collection with five delightful cool treat with Milk Chocolate Chip, Ivory Chocolate Chip, Belgian Dark Chocolate, Strawberry Chocolate Chip and Caramel Chocolate Chip to create a sweet and memorable summer time.

Launch Date: 15 April 2014

GODIVA Chocolate Exotiques Collection

A Burst out of Refreshing and Irresistible Indulgence

GODIVA Chocolate Exotiques Collection pampers you with an intriguing experience with selected fresh fruit ganache and crunchy almond, and exclusively presents a new range of chocolate taste – Tangerine- Banana Crunch, Mango-Cranberry Crunch and Passion Fruit- Almond Crunch. Packed with a delicate gift box, an indulgence and sensation of sweetness velvety amplifies this irresistible treat and the deliciously complex aroma lingers.

Godiva ChocEx.png

GODIVA Chocolate Exotiques Collection 18 pcs.                      

RMB 470

Launch Date: 21 April 2014

GODIVA Dessert Truffle Collection: Savour the Sweetness of Spring Summer

GODIVA Dessert Truffle Collection has incorporated 3 delicious fruity truffles chocolate: Strawberry Cheese Cake Milk Chocolate Truffle, Caramel Apple Pie Milk Chocolate Truffle and Lava Cake Dark Chocolate Truffle. Double texture of silky enjoyment touches your every taste bud beyond description. Accompanying with the bright and colourful cake shaped gift box will definitely fulfills and spices up your summer!


GODIVA Summer Truffle Chocolate Collection
Awaken your Taste Buds

GODIVA 2014 Summer Truffle Chocolate Collection cordially presents 7 new and sensational choices of Truffle chocolate, with refreshing and fascinating delicacies, delivering a truly aromatic experience. Silky chocolates match with summer fruity flavours create lasting enjoyment in this whole summer! 


GODIVA Summer Truffle Chocolate Collection  RMB 140 (100g)
Launch Date: 1 May 2014

Spring Summer 2014 Digital Campaign:“Summer With Love Movie Generator”

This summer, GODIVA exquisitely launches a digital campaign - “Summer With Love Movie Generator” to treasure and recap every moment about your last spring summer. Customers in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan can go to GODIVA official Facebook page and create your own fascinating animated video. A 10% discount chocolate coupon will be awarded for each user who shares the video on Facebook with family and friends. Join us and enjoy a sweet and unforgettable year in 2014 with GODIVA Spring Summer Collection!