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Jialiang K-9 Kennel

Add:1858 Sanlu Rd, near Zhahang Highway

Tel:021-3411 0089




Jialiang K-9 Kennel Shanghai Inc. is the first private-owned kennel company in China which was founded in 1980 by Mr. Jialiang Wang. Now, it becomes the biggest one in mainland which offers full-service of pet caring. Jialiang K-9 Kennel has a territory covering more than 80,000 m², with clean and beautiful environment and excellent facilities. In addition to breeding, Jialiang K-9 Kennel Shanghai Inc. provides dogs for sale, training and comprehensive services. To maintain world's advanced level of dog training, we often invite western training experts to update our trainers’ knowledge and skills. Jialiang K-9 Kennel Shanghai Inc. is the first private company providing bomb dogs and quarantine dogs for government. By frequently visiting abroad and keeping close contact with the western dog community, Mr. Jialiang Wang has his company updated with the most advanced knowledge both in business operation and dog training. With the most advanced breeding, training technology and management, Jialiang K-9 Kennel offers domestic and international clients the best working and companion dogs. We share our rich experience of over 20 years in canine caring with all dog lovers and owners. Our mission is to provide the best dogs, latest caring concepts, outstanding professional training and the full range of pet-orient services.

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164