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Flower and Bird Market

Add:405 Xizang Rd S.

Tel:021-6336 5151

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The term "market" is loosely applied to a cluster of stalls in this area. Although Shanghai is known as a mall Mecca, the flower and bird market located on Xizang Road S., opposite Dongtai Road, makes the shopping experience unique and unforgettable. Unlike mega malls, where you can find everything under one roof, markets in Shanghai are clustered according to the products they sell. In this area, other than buying potted greens and chirping parrots, visitors can also get small animals such as hamsters, rodents and insects. The more exotic items include acquarium fish and complete cockroach farms. And if you consider pet keeping too mild a hobby, you can expand into fighting crickets. The crickets sold in this market are bought for their fighting power and ability to survive in the gambling pits.