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Three Sisters

Add:29 Hengchangshou Rd

Time:11am-1pm, 5pm-8pm


Few people realize there is a restaurant on the small lane crisscrossing Wulin Road. But the restaurant’s bosses — three sisters and their husbands — don’t really care because they are already busy serving their loyal customers.

Three Sisters serves authentic Hangzhou cuisine. Start with the signature carp and tofu soup, a dish so normal in households that big restaurants gave up making it a long time ago. With common ingredients, restaurants can’t charge much for it, yet it takes a long time to prepare.

Three Sisters use chicken soup, instead of water, to boil the carp and tofu, adding a rich, yet mild flavor compared to most versions. And the price is only 20 yuan (US$3.20).

Boiled pork slices, a non-greasy meat dish, also goes for 20 yuan while pomfret braised in soy sauce is 15 yuan, and fried shrimp is 30 yuan. All are highly recommended.

The restaurant is almost always busy so plan on arriving early to avoid queues. Dinner finishes early with most dishes sold out by 8pm.

Also, Three Sisters sometimes doesn’t open on the weekends so plan on coming on a week day.