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Great Sichuan

Add:Shenglihe Food Street, north side, in the middle

Tel:1381 9467 257


This place serves authentic Sichuan cuisine. Its chefs don’t hold back on the chili peppers, garlic or Sichuan peppers.

Classic dishes like thinly sliced beef and beef offal; twice cooked pork and smoked bacon keep fans of spicy food coming back for more.

Try the boiled fish with tofu, or douhua yu. It’s a bright red chili soup with tender fish slices and soft tofu. Cooks fry and then boil the fish and then pour the soup onto hot tofu and chili.

The boss and chef is a Sichuan native who originally targeted others from the province. But it now lures fans of fiery foods who strongly support the boss’ effort to keep the dishes authentic.

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