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Ge’s Jianbao

Add:130 Jietansi Lane (close to Yan’an Rd)



This small eatery can serve up to 25 people. On its “wall of fame” hang 10 photos of some celebrities and famous food critics like Craig Au-Yeung Ying Chai and Dai Long.

They all come for Ge Weimin’s jianbao, or pan-fried steamed buns that are also known as shengjian mantou in Shanghai.


A bowl of wonton (6 yuan), or beef vermicelli (6 yuan) also comes highly recommended. The wonton wrappers are customer-made in a food factory and the beef vermicelli is boiled in beef and ox bone soup.


Address: 130 Jietansi Lane (close to Yan’an Rd)

Opening time: 7am to 9pm