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Green Tea Restaurant

Add:83 Longjing Rd, Hangzhou

Tel:0571-8788 8022


This little gem of a restaurant is known for its mix-and-match interior décor and fusion dishes. Many are creative adaptations of local cuisine, such as grilled pork.

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It uses the same meat used in the classic Hangzhou dish Dongpo pork, which is braised in soy sauce. The difference is Green Tea preserves the pork for hours and then grills it.


They also make fish head soup, a Qiandao Lake specialty, with Sichuan peppers to highlight the tenderness and original flavor of the fish.


As one may suspect, the chefs also use green tea leaves in various dishes. The creations include: green tea grilled fish and green tea cake, which are round, baked and smell like tea. It makes a great dessert. Other recommendations include shrimp in soy sauce and shrimp on fire.





Very tasty