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Add:188 Dadou R, Hangzhou

Tel:0571-8817 5757

Time:10:30am - 10pm



Combining Hangzhou and Cantonese cuisines, this is an increasingly popular restaurant. Locals obviously love the mildness of Hangzhou dishes, but they also enjoy the delicacy of Cantonese food.

The chicken wrapped in tofu sheet is a newer and bigger version of Hangzhou juanji, a vegetarian dish that somehow tastes like chicken.

D-Lovee’s version uses actual chicken. Sautéed shrimp and eel is a classic topping in noodle soups. But this restaurant is charting its own path, substituting sautéed bullfrog and eel, braised with lots of garlic and onions in a stone pot.

The dish is much spicier than Hangzhou food and boasts a strong scent of soy sauce.

The yolk rice pancake is a variation of the tomato rice pancake. The brittle rice pancakes are coated with a hot, salty and pasty yolk. D-Lovee also makes Qiandao Lake fish head soup, which blends tender fish flesh, tofu and the restaurant’s own recipe.