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Add:1 Meiling Rd S.

Tel:0571-8732 3265


Meijiawu features restaurants and teahouses on farms to accommodate tourists flocking to see the osmanthus flowers. Weather permitting, the eateries place tables under the trees so diners can drink a cup of tea or play mahjong beneath the fragrant flowers. They also serve traditional dim sum made of osmanthus flowers.


Fried rice cake with osmanthus sugar is especially popular. The sugar is made from ordinary sugar and dried osmanthus flowers.

Mix the osmanthus sugar with rice powder to make the rice cakes. The dessert is served when lightly fried and topped with more brown-and-yellow osmanthus sugar.


The sugar is extremely sweet and stimulates the appetite. The golden rice cakes are sweet, sticky, soft and smooth.


How to get there: Take bus Y3, and get off at Yuhuang Hill.