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Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center

Add:Room B-OC, 868 Huashan Rd

Tel:021-6211 1845




The Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center was rated above the National Museum of China in Beijing in the 2014 TripAdvisor poll by website users.

Covering just 400 square meters, the museum attracts 60 to 70 visitors a day on weekdays, rising to around 150 visitors a day at weekends.

On display are around 400 posters dating back to as early as the 1910s, with many combining fine art and heavy political symbolism.

It was said the posters provide an insight into China’s past and ideological changes over the years not seen in other museums.

The late Chinese leader Mao Zedong features in many posters in the collection, which also includes images of smiling workers with slogans attached, and depictions of beautiful 

Shanghai women that traditionally appeared in old calendars.

Admission is 20 yuan.