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Shanghai Symphony Hall

Add:1380 Fuxing Rd M.

Tel:400 821 0522




Playing in an independently-owned, high quality concert hall is an honor and a dream for all world-class orchestras. The opening of the Shanghai Symphony Hall in September 2014 represents an important step in the orchestra’s path to becoming a globally recognized symphony orchestra. The Hall was designed with strict adherence to acoustic science guidelines and draws inspiration from some of the world’s top concert halls, which enables it ranked as one of China’s, and even the world’s best concert halls, bringing Asia's oldest orchestra new vitality.

The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra cultivates communication between Eastern and Western culture through the universal language of music and in doing so resonates within the depths of every individual. The Shanghai Symphony Hall engages more people and transforms music into an entirely new experience with rich content and styling.

As the home of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and the Shanghai Orchestra Academy, the Shanghai Symphony Hall contains two separate performance spaces: the concert Hall which seats 1200 and the chamber music hall which seats 400. The hall serves as a place of performance, rehearsal, recording, education, international competition, exhibition and artistic events. This Orchestra-venue integration model greatly facilitates the cooperation between the Orchestra and top international musicians as well as global arts institutions, effectively enhancing the Orchestra's position and influence on the world stage. With the establishment of the hall, the orchestra has become a symbol of the rising cultural force and influence of both China and Asia.