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Add:B1 West Gate Mall, 1038 West Nanjing Rd


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A Japanese bakery with French origin, the first Johan Paris was opened in Ginza Mitsukoshi in 1983.

This is one of the most interesting bakeries you can find in Shanghai. All breads are handmade and baked daily with fresh ingredients. The baguette here is relatively lighter and fluffier.

Johan has a special baguette called Mentaiko baguette, as the bread has two layers of marinated roe of pollock. The flavor is very strong, and if you are fan of Mentaiko, this one is worth trying.

The bakery also have special seasonal bread on shelf for a short period of time that experiments with different ingredients, like once there was a bun stuffed with sautéed potato, enoki mushroom and smoked duck, or bread layered with broccoli and smoked salmon.

You can find bite-sized cheesecakes, pineapple buns and chocolate croissants that sell by weigh.



Recommend: chocolate sauce swirl bun, Gugelhupf, corn pan, sea salt crispy crust roll, red bean bun, garlic baguette

Average per person: 25 yuan