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Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet

Add:Main entrance of 18 Zhongshan Rd E1



Opened by celebrity chef Paul Pairet, known for his use of molecular cuisine, Ultraviolet is pricey but still has one of the longest waiting lists in Asia.

Each seat costs 4,000 yuan (US$644.05) and needs to be reserved at least three months in advance since only 10 guests are served each night.

Diners are not even told where the restaurant is, they meet at the Bund and are transported to an old recording studio near Suzhou Creek, where lights, projections, sound, music, air flow and different scents are changed throughout the meal.

Upon arrival, diners are led into a dark reception room with violet lights and the sound of a beating heart. Then the dining room door opens and everyone can see a long table. Each guest’s name is projected onto a plate.

The meal covers 20 courses, each paired with wine, and every diner has his own server.

Ultraviolet separates itself from the competition with its focus on all the senses, not just taste.

Price: 4,000 yuan/person