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Shanghai Folk Chopsticks Museum

Add:191 Duolun Rd

Tel:021-5671 7528

Time:Mon-Sun, 9am-6pm


With more than 2,000 pairs of chopsticks in its collection, Shanghai Chopsticks Museum is the only private museum specialized in the art of chopsticks in China.

The museum is located on Doulun Road in Hongkou District, a small street lined with art galleries and antiques stores. Though only a few square meters big, the museum attracts collectors and tourists from around the world. Chopsticks of all descriptions can be found here. Some are made of gold, silver, jade, ivory and precious stones.

Lan Xiang, founder of the museum, said every pair of chopsticks he collected has a story. He said he began collecting chopsticks in the 1970s and has published several books about his collection. He was dubbed "the king of chopsticks."

The museum is open to the public free of charge.