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Hangzhou Public Library’s Buddhism Branch

Add:317 Tianzhu Rd

Time:9:00am-5:30pm, closed on Mondays


Among lofty pine trees is Faxi Temple. Nearby is a small building that is somewhat obscured by trees. It looks like a house, but it’s actually a library featuring Chinese books about Buddhism.

Hangzhou Public Library’s Buddhism Branch can’t be beaten when it comes to an old-time feel. Paper lanterns along with wooden ceiling, pillars, shelves and flooring make it feel as though it’s the late 1800s.

Free parking, Wi-Fi and drinking water (bring a cup) are a nice touch although readers need a Hangzhou citizen card to borrow a book.

Of course, bringing your own book, tablet or laptop is allowed. Find a good chair and desk or plop yourself down on a sofa and read as long as you like.

The temple serves a vegetarian lunch for 5 yuan (80 US cents). Admission to the temple is 10 yuan.