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Le Reve

Add:1/F, Yifeng Galleria, 99 Beijing Rd E.



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This French patisserie was opened by Pascal Molines, winner of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France — the top honor for pastry chefs in France.

The name Le Reve — the dream — comes from Molines’ stated aim of taking abstract illusory creativity and turning it into dessert.

Tiffany-blue decor provides a dreamy touch to the ambience.

Chef believes that desserts should be as precise as architecture, embracing both complexity and balance in flavor and texture.

Molines’ signature offering is a layered chocolate cake with a rich and complex taste. It’s made from four different cocoa beans with the cocoa ranging from 64 to 99 percent to show various bitterness and sweetness. The cake has five different textures, from smooth and silky mousse through to crunchy biscuit.


Meanwhile the adadio has a white and blue exterior evoking the sky, while inside is yogurt mousse alternated with brownie, followed by blackberry and Earl Grey brulee.

2b.jpgEvery good patisserie must have macaroon and chocolate. And Le Reve’s macaroon is adapted for local tastes with reduced sugar, although this doesn’t affect the shape and crispy texture. Some fillings are made from Chinese ingredients, for example osmanthus flower and hairy crab roe. The jasmine flavor chocolate is also recommended, offering a very complex taste featuring round deep chocolate flavors mixed with delicate floral notes.